Are you looking for a speaker to educate your employees and staff on wellness, mindfulness, and healthy living?

Dr. Gina and Dr. Sadie offer a 45-minute complementary educational workshop for your organization aimed at increasing overall health, mindfulness, and well being. The doctors have studied chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness for over the past 7 years and have a passion for sharing this knowledge with others. Both Dr. Gina and Dr. Sadie have a background teaching prior to chiropractic which allow them to effectively communicate a message that is engaging and worth while. (Read more about Dr. Gina and Dr. Sadie here). In this workshop, people are taught practical tips to use in their everyday lives to eat healthier, decrease stress, and increase exercise. Schedule this workshop conveniently over a lunch hour or during a staff meeting.
Dr Sadie.

If you are interested in booking Dr. Gina or Dr. Sadie to speak at your organization on a regular basis, they would be happy to tailor a more specific program to meet your organization’s needs.

Using our service is a win/win for everyone. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) “more than 75% of employer’s health care costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices.” Healthy employees take less sick time, have fewer disability days and have greater productivity. There is no doubt that business’s bottom line is directly affected by the health and well-being of their employees. Research from the Wellness Council of America shows that a $1 investment in wellness programs saves $3 in health care costs. Join the latest movement, and bring wellness into your company today!

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