Massage therapy is an excellent adjunct to chiropractic care. Massage is especially helpful to our patients who have been in automobile accidents as many soft tissue injuries can be present. Our Massage Therapists are trained in a variety of techniques including: deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, neuromuscular re-education, and rehabilitative massage for automobile or personal injury cases. The patients who utilize massage therapy in combination with chiropractic care report a faster recovery time and needing to be seen less frequently.

There are many factors that contribute to tight muscles within muscles: abnormal bone structure, injury, postural stress, repetitive movements, metabolic disorders, tension and anxiety to name a few. A healthy muscle will contract in response to a nerve impulse, returning to its normal resting length after-wards. If your muscle tissue requires therapeutic massage, your muscles will feel “knotted” and bumpy. Normal muscle fibers glide back and forth and are supple and elastic. The trigger points within a muscle cause a backup of metabolic waste products, pain and limited use of that muscle leading to chronic pain symptoms. Our professional massage therapist is trained to detect dysfunctional muscles and eliminate muscle knots, pain, and dysfunction.

Meet your Massage Therapist, Joanne!

Joanne has been a certified professional massage therapist for over five years. She graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University with over 1,000+ hours of accredited training. Her areas of specialty include rehabilitative therapies such as deep tissue, trigger point therapy (TPT), myofascial release, and cross fiber friction (CFT/CFF). She has also worked with a variety of special populations, including massage for pregnancy, athletes, the elderly, and cancer patients.

Her goal as a therapist is to help alleviate stress while maintaining focus on overall health through positive, consistent care. She takes a holistic approach to healing and believes that massage – in addition to being a great tool for relieving temporary symptoms – plays an important role in long-term recovery from pain and injury when used in partnership with other therapies, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and nutrition. She also understands that each person is unique, and strives to provide individualized and tailored care whenever possible.

When not doing massage, you can find Joanne at home reading with a nice cup of tea, walking the trails near her house, eating copious amounts of sushi, browsing the shelves at the bookstore, or spending time with her friends and family.

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